Cherised Flavours

Cherished Flavours

of the Eastern Mediterranean

Karavan confectionary offers a range of pastry and sweets with a long tradition in the East Mediterranean countries.  Karavan’s owners based their cherished selection of Baklava on recipes of their Greek ancestors in Constantinople (today Istanbul, Turkey), and the Ionian Coast. They adapted these ancient family recipes to a modern, lighter taste, while preserving the high quality, authentic ingredients, and great taste of the original recipes.

The large variety of Karavan products includes Baklava with almonds, walnuts, pistachio, cream chocolate and fruits, an exclusive selection of Loukoumi – Greek Delights, Karavan ice cream, famous Karavan Tsoureki, sables and butter cookies, chocolaterie and oriental specialities such as Kazan Dibi, Ekmek and more.